Monday, October 27, 2014

4th Annual Multi-City Network Event – London Chapter. Read on for Google Director Gayle Tait's Top Tips on networking

The WiW London chapter celebrated the 4th Annual Multi City Network Event in true London style. Hosted and sponsored by Google, around 40 members met at Google’s London offices for a fantastic evening of inspiration, networking and nibbles.

Read on for Gayle's top networking tips....

Jenny Mcrae, one of the co-founders of WiW UK opened the event, recalling the WiW mission statement to assist in promoting women in their digital careers through practical events. Tonight, we were treated to just one such event as Gayle Tait, Google’s Director of Luxury, Health & Beauty took to the floor to “Take the work out of networking”. Joining Google six months ago, Gayle had previously been with L’Oreal for 15 years working to General Manager of the UK.

Gayle's Top Tips for networking were:

  • Key to remember that it’s not networking, it’s a mindset and that every person that you meet is a connection.
  • Networking is after all, principally about career advancement. You must therefore walk into every situation on the assumption that everybody you meet may play a part in your future career, and treat them accordingly. Even people you may meet outside of the workplace.
  • Go to events that will give something to you as a person and give you energy. Find inspirational stories to bring back to your teams and organisations. It's about broadening skills and knowledge outside of your day-to-day environment.
  • Be yourself, be authentic, be real 

Gayle clearly practices what she preaches and finished by telling us about her journey from L’Oreal to Google; achieved simply through one network connection. A role model to any aspiring female leader and a true testament of the value of networking to get to what must be the coolest job title in the world!

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