Monday, June 15, 2015

Where are we with Wearables? What a fantastic event!

Hosted by our wonderful sponsors, Trainline, Women in Wireless UK's "Where are we with wearables?" was an inspirational and thought-provoking event.

Our distinguished panel of speakers covered a whole range of exciting new wearables including Dave Slocombe, from Trainline, showcasing their innovative Apple Watch App, Elin Haf Davis, from Aparito, who have developed a patient data capture app paired with wearable text for passive monitoring, Dan Lewis, from Skute, with the first ever physically connected social network and Elena Crochero, from Lost Values, with Zippykit designed to teach electronics to young children.  Mahisha Rupa added an insightful legal perspective on this fast-emerging market

Maggie Gold led a wide-ranging discussion which demonstrated just how broad this topic is. From the motivation to (keep) wearing wearables, to the challenge of the digital divide, the ability to mass-market and the thorny topic of trust vs privacy, we had a fantastic and lively debate.

One thing is clear though - wearables are here to stay and it's going to be a really exciting time in this market over the next few years.

We would like to thank all of our panellists for making this such a memorable evening.

About our fabulous sponsor
Trainline is the UK’s leading online provider of rail tickets and journey planning and sets the pace in mobile rail-commerce with its app ranked #1 in travel. Overall, trainline is the UK’s 5th largest e-commerce player. To date, Trainline has very successfully helped British rail passengers to save money, time and hassle by providing the best place to plan & purchase rail travel.
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