Thursday, July 7, 2016

Spotlight on ...... Catherine Morgan, Head of Creative Solutions for the Ocean Group

In the latest of our "Spotlight On" series of interviews, we meet Catherine Morgan, Head of Creative Solutions for the Ocean Group.

Find out what it takes to meet the challenges of the fast-moving digital out-of-home industry.


Who are you, what is your current role?  

Catherine Morgan, Head of Creative Solutions for the Ocean Group. Ocean is a leading provider of premium digital out of home across the UK. Our iconic digital sites connect mobile users while they are out and about in major retail, leisure and transport environments.

What’s the most exciting part of your role? 

I work with a diverse range of clients and taking an idea from concept to delivery. Together my team and I have helped to create some of the most renowned and industry ground breaking digital out of home campaigns that transcend a fast-evolving medium. Our work includes Look At Me, the multi-award winning campaign for Women’s Aid that won two Cannes Lion’s last year.

What personal and professional strengths do you think have been crucial to your success?  

I’ve always been passionate about the relationship between technology and creativity, sparked when I studied for a degree in Industrial Design. A real step change happened when I joined Ocean and was given the freedom to experiment with iconic digital platforms and launch my own division, which focuses on new technology and championing new tech start up partners.

What is the most challenging thing you’ve done in your career to date? 

Changing the perception that OOH is just billboards - there is so much more to our medium than that. Part of my role is focused around educating and changing that belief. I regularly give presentations to clients and creative agencies where the teams are blown away by what our screens can do. The best ideas are born from collaboration, so only when everyone is armed with the necessary knowledge can we continue to push the boundaries of tech and creativity. 

If you were mentoring your younger self knowing what you now know what advice would you give?

Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to speak up and make your point heard.

Have you got any role models? Who are they and why are they your role models? 

Karen Blackett OBE, Chairwoman of Mediacom. She is a cheerleader for women in the advertising industry and has given some great advice about being true to yourself and the importance of finding your own set of cheerleaders to help you through your career.

What are your top 3 interests outside of work? 

Art, Cooking and Travel

What kind of career would you have in an alternative universe?

 I would be a travel vlogger, seeing and experiencing the world to share those off the beaten track moments.

What are the major barriers facing women in tech today?

 It is a pure numbers game. There aren’t enough women studying technology-based courses at University, so this change needs to start in the classroom. Once in the work place, I believe a mentoring system would help more women build confidence and develop into senior roles within Tech based companies. 10. What’s the one piece of advice that has always stuck with you Do the things that scare you, never stay in your comfort zone.

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